Richard Anuszkiewicz, ‘Yellow with Yellow from the Spring Suite’, 1979, RoGallery

Image Size: 21.6 x 21.6 inches
Printer: Deli Sacilotto, Atelier Editions, Inc. New York City

Signature: signed and numbered in pencil

About Richard Anuszkiewicz

Combining an interest in the nature of perception with investigations into the visual and psychological resonance of color, Richard Anuszkiewicz produces paintings whose vibrant colors and geometric shapes seem to pop and pulsate off of the canvas. A student of Josef Albers and one of the leading practitioners of Op art and geometric abstraction, Anuszkiewicz explores color and form in his flat, vibrant abstractions, attempting to reveal the malleability of our perceptions of stillness and movement, depth and color.

American, b. 1930, Erie, Pennsylvania