Richard Bosman, ‘Porthole 16’, 2014, Stewart & Stewart

Richard Bosman painted a preparatory study that served as the principle image for this series of eighteen monoprints titled Porthole 1 through Porthole 18. The study was digitally captured after which the artist digitally manipulated the captured image resulting in 6 different color variations of the preparatory study. Three archival pigment prints were then made from each of the six variations. The artist then drew and painted unique imagery (predominately in the window of the porthole) on each of the 18 pigment prints. This is a rare series of unique works and Richard Bosman's first monoprints combining pigment printing, drawing and painting.

Image rights: Photo © 2014

Publisher: Stewart & Stewart

About Richard Bosman

Australian, b. 1944, Madras, India, based in Esopus, New York