Richard Colman, ‘Self Concious’, 2014, New Image Art

Signature: Yes

About Richard Colman

Female forms, ceramic pots, animals, geometric and biomorphic shapes—these are all recurring elements in Richard Colman’s vividly colorful canvases. He vacillates freely between figuration and abstraction, at times focusing on pattern to such a degree that it overwhelms any recognizable components in his painting; other times he privileges figures and narratives. Also producing sculpture and installation works, Colman incorporates a variety of media, including pencils, paper, wood, porcelain, plaster, glue, nails, and tape—typically using vibrant colors. “Color is not something I am very comfortable with, I am not a natural colorist,” the artist has said. “For me, it takes a lot of work to figure that stuff out so part of it for me is just the challenge, but I also like the idea of making thematically dark paintings using very bright colors.”

American, b. 1976, Bethesda, Maryland, United States, based in San Francisco, CA, United States