Richard Estes, ‘Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza Poster (Hand Signed at the Museum of Design)’, 2015, Alpha 137 Gallery

This is a rare offset lithograph poster from Richard Estes' exhibition at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid, Spain. Richard Estes is one of the leading photorealists, or more accurately, photo-derived realist painters. We purchased this poster and later had the artist sign and date it, following a talk by the artist and renowned curator Patterson Sims, "On Painting Realism: Richard Estes and Patterson Sims," on March 11, 2015 at the Museum of Arts and Design on the occasion of Estes' solo exhibition at the museum. This was a rare appearance by Estes, who is over 80 years old. The work is in excellent condition and has never been framed. Provenance is direct, impeccable and authenticity unconditionally guaranteed.

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Signature: Signed and dated lower right in black marker

Publisher: Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza

Signed by Richard Estes for me personally at a private event at the Museum of Design, Columbus Circle, New York

About Richard Estes

Considered a founder of the Photorealist movement, Richard Estes is best known for his paintings of city scenes in New York. Compiling his compositions from multiple source photographs, Estes reconstructs reality in highly convincing renderings. He often incorporates reflective surfaces, such as shop windows and shiny cars, yielding mirrored imagery that serves to enhance what the naked eye is capable of perceiving. In Double Self-Portrait (1976), for example, the artist and an entire street scene behind him are reflected in meticulous detail against the glass façade of a diner.

American, b. 1932, Kewanee, Illinois

Exhibition Highlights

Marlborough Graphics, New York,
New York,
Shrines to Speed Art And The Automobile: From The Minimal To The Postmodern