Richard Heeps, ‘Hula Doll’, 2001, Bleach Box
Richard Heeps, ‘Hula Doll’, 2001, Bleach Box

Price listed includes a photographic silver gelatin print, dry-mounted to aluminium, a white window mount and black or white box frame. Can be requested unframed.

Series: Man's Ruin

Signature: Signed and Edition of Verso, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Image rights: Richard Heeps / Bleach Box

Man's Ruin toured England & Wales, funded by Arts Council East, launching in the Spitz Gallery London and continued to prestigious Museums and Public Galleries around the Country. Today many of the artworks form part of Bleach Box's International Art Fair Schedule showing in Europe, Asia & America.

Richard Heeps & Arts Council East published the book 'Man's Ruin' in 2007 with a print run of 3000 which has now sold out.

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