Richard Heinsohn, ‘No Explanation 714’, Bill Lowe Gallery

About Richard Heinsohn

Inspired by the unknowable, Richard Heinsohn seeks to create endlessly intriguing worlds on canvas. Heinsohn once saw “an entire galaxy” through an electron microscope, and this sight served as his stimulus. The artist’s paintings reflect the small scale of humans and their outsized desire to control their surroundings. Working with acrylic paint blended with sand, sawdust, and objects found in his studio, Heinsohn creates canvases akin to ecosystems, engaging themes of decay, transformation, and coexistence. In Heinsohn’s words, his use of bold colors “goes well beyond a merely retinal effect,” reaching the viewer both intellectually and emotionally. Color and material relations in his work parallel human life on both a macro and micro scale, representing nature’s complexities through abstraction.

American, b. 1961, Tennessee, based in Tennessee

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