Richard Jackson, ‘Deer and Skeleton’, 2014, GALERIE GEORGES-PHILIPPE ET NATHALIE VALLOIS

About Richard Jackson

“I am more interested in the process than the finished work,” says California-based painter and performance artist Richard Jackson. “The work is evidence of a performance, a product of how I spend my time.” Though trained as an engineer, since the 1960s Jackson has created experimental, theatrical, and extreme works inspired by such seminal painters as Jackson Pollock and Jasper Johns. Early in his career, Jackson favored site-specific murals and temporary installations; on more than one occasion he installed a paint-drenched maze inside of a gallery. His later work has incorporated mechanical items such as washing machines and cars. Throughout his career, Jackson has had a penchant for visual jokes, as in his 2011 performance Accidents in Abstract Painting, in which he flew a paint-filled model military plane into a wall.

American, b. 1939, Sacramento, CA, United States, based in Los Angeles, CA, United States

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Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois at The Armory Show 2015
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