Richard Pousette-Dart, ‘Intensive Crescent’, 1985, Hollis Taggart Galleries

Signature: Signed verso: "RPousette-Dart" Inscribed verso [Not in artisti's hand]: "#1479, s/w/p-3"

About Richard Pousette-Dart

One of the earliest Abstract Expressionists, Richard Pousette-Dart explored a variety of painterly styles, including figurative work, all-over abstraction, pattern making, and Surrealist Automatism. Deeply influenced by Native American art and textiles, Pousette- Dart distanced himself from his contemporaries with an interest in spirituality, his paintings dealing with traditional dualities between light and substance, spirit and body, and harmony and discord. He favored heavy layers of acrylic and oils with small, thick brushstrokes to emphasize luminosity and distinctive colors.

American, 1916-1992, Valhalla, New York