Richard Stout, ‘Untitled - Broad Acres’, 2017, William Reaves | Sarah Foltz Fine Art

Image rights: Image Copyright Richard Stout and Reaves | Foltz Fine Art

About Richard Stout

When asked to reflect on his life’s output, Richard Stout replied that his work “speaks of people and animals that we all love and places that we all know.” Stout is known as both a pioneer and a regional master of Modernism in the American Southwest. He received his training at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago under the mentorship of Lillian Hayes, and also at the artist colony Yaddo in Saratoga Springs. Though he settled ultimately in Houston, Texas, Stout travels widely to observe different landscapes as inspiration for his paintings. In 1999, he began working in sculpture; his largely abstract forms, which are finally cast in bronze, explore various types of folds and convey movement.

American, b. 1934