Richard Tuschman, ‘Woman In The Sun I’, 2012, KLOMPCHING GALLERY

The Hopper Meditations series, are a lushly colorful body of work, inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper. These meticulously constructed photographs are made from a combination of hand-built doll-house sized dioramas, and life-size models that have been digitally composited into the resulting scenes. With Tuschman's photographs, we witness a more sombre mood than Hopper, lighting that is less harsh and artworks that point to other key inspirations of the artist, such as the chiaroscuro paintings of Rembrandt. Although the figures depicted in the Hopper Meditations are rooted in the mid-twentieth century, these intimate dramas evoke timeless and universal themes such as solitude, alienation and longing. The open narratives make these photographs wide-reaching in their appeal to a broad audience.

Series: Hopper Meditations

Signature: Signed, dated, titled and Numbered on verso.

Image rights: Richard Tuschman

Direct from the artist.

About Richard Tuschman

Merging the handcrafted with digital technology, Richard Tuschman produces painterly, evocative photographs. He trained as a printmaker but always incorporated photographic processes into his work. With the introduction of Photoshop in the 1990s, Tuschman turned to photography, developing a style that incorporates techniques of graphic design, painting, and assemblage. In his words, “Photoshop came naturally to me, and seemed much more analogous to painting and printmaking (which was good for me) than a traditional darkroom. After that, my career in photo-illustration took off.” His commissioned work appears on book covers and in magazines and advertisements. The artist’s own projects include a still life series of montaged images and a suite of moody, staged domestic scenes inspired by Edward Hopper paintings. Tuschman cites Hopper as among his influences, which also include Rembrandt, the photographer Gregory Crewdson, and surrealism.

American, b. 1956, based in New York, New York