Bent Wood Table
Bent Wood Table
Bent Wood Table
Bent Wood Table
Bent Wood Table
Bent Wood Table
Bent Wood Table

Bent Wood Tables by Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong
Inspired by the process of steam bending wood, the beach rings, produced in Udine in northern Italy, where generations of skilled craftsmen still use the crude and basic processes of timber manipulation using steam and compression forcing the raw material to curl, making a very unnatural 'animated' form. We wanted to use these curled wooden blanks.......normally never seen outside the workshop their premachined state to remain as they are and serve as raw structures for stacking and printing. 'We stacked the rings, like used tyres from a car breakers yard, and Richard printed his wood grain pattern onto the surface '.

Artist Richard Woods is a graduate of The Slade School of Fine Art. His well-documented work crosses
boundaries between art, architecture and design and is most often made up of exaggerated, garish representations
of traditional British architectural and interior motifs like wooden flooring, chintz wallpapers, crazy paving or red bricks.
These ‘logos of reality’ are created using traditional woodblock techniques and then applied to walls as a
second skin covering interior floors, walls and recently an entire residential building in upstate New York.
In these instances, Woods’s art expresses an extreme version of Englishness by taking over a space and
saturating it with iconography. Woods continues to win prestigious commissions and exhibits around the world.

Sebastian Wrong studied sculpture at Norwich School of Art before forming his own manufacturing company
in 1996 and later co-created the The Lane design brand that ran for four years. He designed the Spun Light
in 2002 (now produced by Flos) and was a co founder and design director of Established & Sons and
taught 'Product Design' at the RCA from 2010 to 2012. He now runs the Wrong Shop in London.
Woods's art together with Wrong’s extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes and materials,
as well as his passion for fabrication, are the main components of these Bent Wood Tables.

Galerie VIVID Edition of 8 + 2 A.P. in four colour options and two size options, Printed birch wood
and colored glass

Signature: signature on the inside of the rings

About Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong

Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong collaborate to produce playful, colorful furniture pieces infused with a neo-Pop aesthetic. The pair have created works like “bricks & mortar”, a series of brick-patterned primary-colored furniture, and Wrongwoods, a Dr. Seuss-ian line of drawers and tables. The limited edition Bent Wood Tables, designed by the pair for Design Miami/ 2012, were fabricated with blanks used by Italian wood-steaming artisans. The circular stacks, piled unevenly, are painted in Woods’ signature pattern of garishly magnified wood grain. Topped with colored glass, the tables resemble artificial stumps—seen through a kaleidoscope.

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