Rick Stevens, ‘INTERWOVEN LIFE’, Exhibit by Aberson

Rick Stevens
Oil on Canvas
40.00 X 36.00 in

Rick Stevens’s career as an artist has evolved in much the same way his paintings do. He takes his inspiration from the natural world in all its sublime mystery, then surrenders to that mystery to let the unseen forces of nature guide his hand—and his life. This intuitive process creates room for those serendipitous moments that emerge only when the chattering of the conscious mind is stilled, allowing him to proceed with his life and work in an atmosphere of quiet joy and reverence.

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About Rick Stevens

Rick Stevens predominantly paints landscapes, but he avoids describing himself purely as a landscape artist, as light is his primary interest. “I see light as the unifying element,” he says. “[The] critical concern for me has always been not just the subject and composition, but choosing the light to portray it in.” Stevens’s interest in painting the natural world began when he was a child in Michigan, painting alongside his father. Today he lives in Santa Fe, where he paints en plein air, as well as from memory. His oeuvre includes representational works and expressive abstractions, and he also experiments with techniques in glazing, the use of gold-leaf, and building up textures using cold wax and gel mediums.

American , b. 1958, Sparta, Michigan

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