Rieko Hidaka, ‘Crape Myrtle Ⅲ’, 2007, Tomio Koyama Gallery

About Rieko Hidaka

Reiko Hidaka is known for her large-scale paintings of indirect landscape views—more specifically, of looking up and looking through nature to the sky. This recurring theme was at first a coincidence, but has since become a conscious pursuit. Hidaka’s best-known paintings feature overexposed or white skies seen from afar, through both full and bare boughs of trees. Hidaka, who paints using traditional Japanese techniques, is known for her austere, monochromatic color palette and crisply rendered forms. She manipulates conventions of foreshortening and atmospheric perspective, such that the closest and farthest branches are articulated with the same degree of detail; space, as a result, becomes at once clear and indeterminate. She also makes prints and drawings featuring similar subject matter.

Japanese, b. 1958

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