Rina Banerjee, ‘Sap of earth n' blood, leaky, which adaptation may deliver one baby, to clear ethnicity and transparent gender in centre and in likeness of parents, baby by wife, baby by husband from side to side, upon smiling country and unnatural culture appeals to no science or hidden DNA this n that may collect to throttle all these other extreme parts, swallow to swallow until full in silence hollow’, 2017, Hosfelt Gallery

About Rina Banerjee

New York–based Indian artist Rina Banerjee's iridescent sculptural installations and dreamy, exotically colored drawings and paintings of birds, beasts, and demigods explore fusions of materials and cultures. Her work typically incorporates a wide range of objects and media, including taxidermy alligators, wooden cots, ostrich eggs, light bulbs, umbrellas, saris, pigments, shells, and feathers. Banerjee has called her practice an examination of diasporas and journeys, “specific colonial moments that reinvent place and identity.” Synthesizing mythology, religion, anthropology, and fairy tales, she is equally informed by Western culture and Eastern tradition, particularly Tibetan, Himalayan, and Indian art.

Indian, b. 1963, Kolkata, India, based in New York, New York

Exhibition Highlights

New York,
Rina Banerjee: Tropical Urban
Rina Banerjee: Disgust