Risa Fukui, ‘Flower girl’, 2016, Micheko Galerie

ki ri ga by Risa Fukui, 2012, ISBN 978-4-86152-364-9
ki ri ga by Risa Fukui, 2007, ISBN 978-4-7958-3533-7

About Risa Fukui

Risa Fukui invests new energy into Japan’s tradition of “Kirie”—cut-paper art—exploring universal themes of life and mortality. Featuring skeletons, animals, or plants, she creates dramatic compositions through each cut, enlivening her subjects with a frenetic array of lines. Typically creating only one image on a monochromatic background, Fukui draws attention to the amount of work and energy coursing through each composition, contrasting with the inert and quiet qualities of the medium. “I think that my originality is in organic and vivid lines. It is most important there is… [strength] and vitality from my works,” Fukui has said. To further develop her themes, she has extended her practice to animated video and installation, hanging her cut-paper works on translucent panels that cast dramatic shadows.

Japanese, b. 1975, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

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