Rita McBride, ‘Doric capitol (neon) ’, 2010, Alfonso Artiaco

About Rita McBride

Throughout her career, Rita McBride has been skirting the labels others have applied to her practice; her works could be considered industrial design, public art, sculpture, architecture, and installation, or some combination thereof. Her interests lie in exploring the potential of her materials and engaging with the public, often by manipulating scale and the conventional associations of certain materials. McBride has pioneered the use of rust-free carbon, which she developed in partnership with a Bavarian corporation specializing in construction materials. Her most widely traveled piece, Arena (1997), is a monumental modular sculpture designed for quick installation and disassembly; it’s made of wood and Twaron, a heat-resistant fiberglass. Her pieces invite the viewer to interact, explore, and even reconfigure.

American, b. 1960, Des Moines, Iowa, based in Dusseldorf and Los Angeles