Riyad Ne'mah, ‘Reem ’, 2015, Art On 56th

Artist’s statement:
The pain of life is interminable, however, a single look at a man’s face sums it all up. I often think
about what I witness, and I reproduce what I see onto a painting. Because we witness a lot, our
primary concern behind everything is to attempt to embody language in art, to expose our worries and
to materialize the way in which we deal with reality in view of the intensity of what we endure. In this
exhibition, I have translated my thesis, which for me gathers the personal pictures of this man in my
painting, as the only short and truthful summary to describe all events, whether sweet or bitter. Hence
I have chosen a collection of pictures from friends and people I know, all of whom I see as being the
most important chapter of a story called life …

About Riyad Ne'mah

Iraqi, b. 1968, Baghdad, Baghdad Governorate, Iraq, based in Baghdad, Baghdad Governorate, Iraq