RO/LU, ‘Four Poster Bed’, 2015, Swiss Institute Benefit Auction 2015

RO/LU are furniture designers and conceptual artists with roots in landscape architecture and design. Guided by the mantra “I want to create a chair that my mind wants to sit in, not that my body wants to sit in,” Mike Brady and Matt Olson of RO/LU create functional furnishings that sit squarely in the realm of fine art sculpture, and acknowledge the supremacy of the designer’s grid. RO/LU is represented by Patrick Parrish Gallery, New York, and is featured in the permanent collection of the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis. Four Poster Bed was included in Swiss Institute’s most recent exhibition.

Image rights: Courtesy the artists

About RO/LU

The furniture designed by RO/LU, a Minneapolis-based firm, looks purposefully unfinished. Established as a landscape design studio in 2003, RO/LU attempts to incorporate principles of outdoor architecture into its indoor furniture. Made from plywood and particle board, the design of RO/LU’s modular chairs share more with Rudolph Schindler houses than they do most home furnishings. Almost a decade since its founding, the firm now consists of three members: Matt Olson, Mike Brady, and Nathan Coutts. In addition to furniture design, RO/LU’s work extends to urban planning and public art.

American, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota