RO/LU, ‘Settee X Three (after BURTON photo, in Private, Public & Secret)’, 2012, Patrick Parrish Gallery

Walnut settee composed of six separate forms from the now defunct RO/LU Collective of Minneapolis, Minnesota. This piece is unique.

Manufacturer: RO/LU

About RO/LU

The furniture designed by RO/LU, a Minneapolis-based firm, looks purposefully unfinished. Established as a landscape design studio in 2003, RO/LU attempts to incorporate principles of outdoor architecture into its indoor furniture. Made from plywood and particle board, the design of RO/LU’s modular chairs share more with Rudolph Schindler houses than they do most home furnishings. Almost a decade since its founding, the firm now consists of three members: Matt Olson, Mike Brady, and Nathan Coutts. In addition to furniture design, RO/LU’s work extends to urban planning and public art.

American, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota