Rob Pruitt, ‘Hot Air Painting #4’, 2012, Public Art Fund Benefit Auction 2015

Estimated value: $3,000

Public Art Fund sponsored Rob Pruitt’s statue of Andy Warhol in New York’s Union Square for 17 months in 2011-12, and this piece is a way of saying thanks: an artwork that marries a fun pop sensibility to AbEx spontaneity. The participatory piece was made with the help of attendees at the 2012 PAF benefit party who wielded blow-dryers to melt the crayons.

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist

About Rob Pruitt

Rob Pruitt blends a Pop sensibility with witty critiques of the art world. For his Art Awards (2009 and 2010), one of his more conceptual projects, Pruitt presented awards at the Guggenheim Museum in the manner of the Academy Awards; 101 Art Ideas You Can Do Yourself (2001) was a set of DIY ideas for art making, like "make a leaf out of paper and tape it to a tree" or "sell a collector a key to your house." In 2011, Pruitt made The Andy Monument, a ten-foot-tall silver statue of Andy Warhol presented as a public artwork in New York's Union Square.

American, b. 1964, Washington, D.C., based in New York, New York

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