Robert Adams, ‘Maquette Vertical Screen Form’, 1964, Osborne Samuel

Stamped & dated on base

The 1960s was a productive decade for Adams who between working for three important exhibitions at Gimpel Fils executed several important architectural commissions. Each was designed specifically for the site and he would always work closely with the architect. In 1964 he was commissioned to make a 10 feet high open screen by the architect Dennis Lennon, to flank the staircase of a new glass showroom for Sekers Fabrics, in London. Alistair Grieve informs us that the screen, ‘was composed of ranks of vertical bronzed-steel tubes and slats, stacked in horizontal layers, varied by occasional slants, disjunctions and breaks in the spacing.1 The main ground-floor showroom could be viewed through it. Five small maquettes were made which relate to this commission and there is at least one lithograph of a similar composition’. The maquettes including this example are recorded by Grieve (Nos 466-470).

  1. Alistair Grieve, The Sculpture of Robert Adams, The Henry Moore Foundation in association with Lund Humphries, London, 1992, p.214 - also see p103 for photograph of the Sekers screen

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