Robert Breer, ‘Image Par Images’, 1955, Zucker Art Books

Unpaginated "flip-book" consisting of approx. 100 leaves printed recto only with simple abstract forms and shapes, that, when flipped, create an animated sequence of abstract images emphasizing movement and playfulness. Published in conjunction with a groundbreaking exhibition "Le Mouvement" at the Galerie Denise René in 1955, the first Kinetic art show in Paris. Breer (1926-2011), known as the "kinetic poet of the avant-garde", was renowned for his spearheading efforts in animation, utilizing both abstract as well as representational images throughout a career of over 50 years. He worked with avant-garde movements of his time and was associated with high modernism, fluxus, pop, and other genres

About Robert Breer

American, 1926-2011, Detroit, Michigan, based in Tucson, Arizona