Robert Brinker, ‘Cherry Dragon’, 2016, Michael Warren Contemporary

Robert's process starts by hand-cutting lines into appropriated materials: adult magazines, album covers, art catalogues and movie posters; more work is then inlaid into the original line work. The resultant surface tapestry provides the starting point for the series. He scans the inlaid materials and prints them onto large paper sheets before hand cutting the large dragons - some measure 5' wide!

About Robert Brinker

Robert Brinker’s layered multimedia “drawings” reflect his printmaking background and draw inspiration from sources as divergent as pre-Roman mosaics and Walt Disney cartoons. Dark graphite tracings of lines from coloring books, traditional Chinese drawings, and adult comics layered with additional cut paper and reflective mylar, form innocuous-seeming compositions of flowers, figures, stars, and bows that belie naughty details. The characteristic thickly outlined forms in Bubble Machine (2011) may invite comparison to the simple black lines that form Mickey Mouse, but closer examination reveals a jumble of phalluses, orifices, and raw, sexual activities. Sexuality likewise informs Brinker’s 2006 “Chrysanthemum” series, consisting of delicate paper cuts made from centerfolds of adult magazines. Brinker also creates large, colorful, abstract paintings following the same process he applies to the cut drawings, then digitally manipulating scans of the collages.

American, b. 1971, Chicago, Illinois, based in Aspen, Colorado