Robert Dash, ‘Field Flower’, ca. 1980, C. Grimaldis Gallery

About Robert Dash

Polymath Robert Dash has been celebrated for his whimsical paintings, prose, and plants alike. An avid horticulturist, Dash drew inspiration for his art from the extensive gardens he cultivated on Long Island, New York. His graphic oil on canvas works feature bucolic landscapes with allusions to inhabitants—such as pathways, picket fences, and boats—but are usually absent any figures. Comparing the process of gardening to that of art making, Dash once said, “It illustrates—the same thing with painting—the unlimited possibilities in a small area, because the garden is very small. I mean you can stunningly create the new composition by just slight movement or clipping, the same way you do in painting, wipe out, and so forth.”

American, 1937-2013, New York, New York, based in Sagaponack, New York