Robert Ferrandini, ‘"Here the eye ultimately composes itself..." Thomas Jefferson’, 1999, Gallery NAGA

About Robert Ferrandini

Robert Ferrandini is a painter from New England, celebrated for his haunting and fantastical landscapes. His earlier works were oil on canvas, keeping in the spirit of the Hudson River School’s romanticism. In 2001, a stroke left Ferrandini partially paralyzed and unable to use his right hand. He has since continued to paint with his left hand, but with significant changes to his practice. Ferrandini now works primarily with watercolor and in much smaller scale. His early compositions were unpopulated landscapes, composites of images from art history, film, literature, popular culture, and urban and rural settings, but his style since 2001 has been characterized by its broad range of soft colors and exuberant brushwork.

American, b. 1948