Robert Hite, ‘Smoke House’, 2006, Susan Eley Fine Art

About Robert Hite

With a studio converted from an old Methodist church in a village of Esopus, New York, Robert Hite has placed himself amongst the subject matter he is most drawn to: simple clapboard homes. Through painting, photography, sculpture, or a combination thereof, Hite depicts the shacks and sheds of the marginalized communities he observed during his childhood in the American South. As a child born in 1950s Virginia, Hite observed racial discrimination and the handmade homes of impoverished, disparaged members of his local community. Hite has traveled to Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean to document patchwork homes and interact with their residents, once even trading new stainless steel for the rusted metal roof of a shack in Mexico, which he then incorporated into a sculpture.

American, b. 1956, Virginia, based in Esopus, New York