Robert Indiana, ‘Silkscreen Poster for FALCO Dance Company (Hand Signed/Dedicated)’, 1968, Alpha 137 Gallery

This is a rare hand signed and dedicated silkscreen, created in the late Sixties- a most desirable era in Pop Art history - featuring wide colorful bands of bright rich rainbow ink with type reversed out of metallic silver background, characteristic of Pop Art in the Age of Aquarius. It bears Robert Indiana's personal ink dedication to a friend"To Herman/My Best/Bob". An edition of this print was selected for the exhibition, "The Prints and Posters of Robert Indiana 1961-1969", at the Department of Art of Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana, 1969, and is featured as a full page reproduction in the catalogue, "Robert Indiana Graphics". In the book's Introduction, Richard Raymond Alasko notes, "Robert Indiana's prints and posters, even more than his paintings, force one to see through the picture to the image."
Robert Indiana designed the theatrical sets for the Louis Falco Dance Company in Aspen, Colorado, and this silkscreen poster was created to promote the troupe's 1968 performance of Argot, Huescape and Translucens at the Wheeler Theatre. A 1993 NY Times obituary of Mr. Falco called him one of the finest dancers of his generation and a choreographer of exceptional promise: "Celebrated as the essence of a contemporary artist, Mr. Falco set many of his dances to popular music and commissioned sets by popular artists like Robert Indiana and Marisol.”

Signature: Hand signed by Robert Indiana with personal inscription

"The Prints and Posters of Robert Indiana 1961-1969", at the Department of Art of Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana, 1969

Robert Indiana Graphics, 1969

About Robert Indiana

One of the central figures of the Pop Art movement, Robert Indiana takes his inspiration from commercial signs, claiming: “There are more signs than trees in America. There are more signs than leaves. So I think of myself as a painter of American landscape.” In his paintings, sculptures, and prints, he mimics and re-arranges the words and numbers of a myriad of signs, including the Phillips 66 gas station logo and the “Yield” traffic sign. He is most famous for his “Love” paintings and sculptures, first produced in the 1960s. Creating a block out of the word—with the “L” and the “O” set atop the “V” and the “E”—Indiana has effectively inserted his own sign into the mix. His “LOVE” painting was reproduced on a postage stamp in 1973; his “LOVE” sculptures are installed in public spaces worldwide.

American, b. 1928, New Castle, Indiana, based in New York, New York