Robert Kushner, ‘May’, 1994, Crown Point Press

Sheet: overall 85 x 32 1/2"
Image: 75 x 24 1/2"

Publisher: Crown Point Press

About Robert Kushner

Robert Kushner participated in the early development of the Pattern and Decoration Movement in the 1970s, and is known for championing a decorative style of painting. “I never get tired of pursuing new ideas in the realm of ornamentation,” he said. “Decoration, an abjectly pejorative dismissal for many, is a very big, somewhat defiant declaration for me.” Artisanal objects the artist discovered in his travels abroad—particularly Japanese screen doors, Islamic patterns, and Uzbekistani embroideries—strongly affected the development of his organic plant forms, grid-based compositions, and use of bold colors and gold leaf. He was also strongly influenced by Henri Matisse, Georgia O’Keeffe, Gustav Klimt, and the French Nabis painters. Since the 1980s, flowers and leaves have become Kushner’s signature motif.

American, b. 1949, Pasadena, California

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Santa Fe,

Group Shows

Long Island City,
New Canaan,
Patterns and Forms
Hudson River Museum of Westchester, 
Yonkers, NY, United States,
'Pattern and Decoration, An Ideal Vision in American Art, 1975 - 1985'
Museum of Modern Art, 
New York, NY, USA,
An International Survey of Recent Painting and Scultpure
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