Robert Lebsack, ‘Slivers of Hope’, 2012, Artspace Warehouse

Robert Lebsack creates this artwork using mixed media with ink, acrylic and charcoal on newspaper and wood. His work focuses on social and cultural issues. By utilizing newspaper print as the background the viewer can use their own interpretation and random image word association to bring meaning to each individual piece. The imagery is hand drawn with great detail. This artwork is finished off on sides. It is wired and ready to hang.

Signature: Signed on Back

About Robert Lebsack

Robert Lebsack’s mixed-media paintings layers human subjects and landscapes in ink, acrylic, and charcoal atop fragments of headlines, articles, and advertising from newspapers. With the newspaper providing the social and cultural background (literally and figuratively), Lebsack uses the confrontations between his subjects and a surreal and inscrutable landscape to address various crises of contemporary society, such as materialism, nuclear proliferation, waste, loneliness, and isolation. The newspaper fragments often are juxtaposed seemingly at random, challenging the viewer to read the bits and form their own interpretation and free word association. Lebsack also has a very active practice as a large-scale public muralist.


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