Robert Natkin, ‘Intimate Lighting Silkscreen’, 1974, Alpha 137 Gallery
Robert Natkin, ‘Intimate Lighting Silkscreen’, 1974, Alpha 137 Gallery

This stunning screenprint was created in the 1970s by the renowned Abstract Expressionist painter Robert Natkin. Natkin has the distinction of being the first living artist to have received a one million commission, the highest amount ever paid at the time, for a painting. This painting still graces the front lobby of the Newscorp headquarters at 1211 Avenue of the Americas in New York City. This print has never been framed and has generous white margins with deckled edges. It was acquired directly from Chromacomp Corp, the premier international printing studio based in New York, which did most of Natkin's prints in the 1970s. Chromacomp also created prints for Andy Warhol, LeRoy Neiman, Larry Zox, David Hockney, and many other renowned artists of the era. Excellent condition with elegant deckled edges - would look terrific when floated and framed. Pencil signed and numbered from the limited edition of 150.

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Signature: signed, numbered and dated in pencil recto (front)

Publisher: Chromacomp, Inc

Chromacomp, Inc.

About Robert Natkin

Painter Robert Natkin was known for his lyrical abstract forms, applied in vivid, Post-Impressionist-inspired colors. He used both a paintbrush and palette knife to apply his bright acrylic paints to his canvas, sometimes also using cloths or netting as stencils. Though he made a number of series based on popular culture, like Hitchcock’s films and jazz, he declined to think of his work as deliberately narrative. “I sew together fragments of cloth unaware of the dress I’m sewing, unaware of its final look and function,” he once said. On occasion, his subjects were figural; a late series featured abstract heads and busts. Natkin was also famously mischievous. Among his other antics, his daughter recounted an instance in which Natkin licked a Vermeer painting at the Frick Collection when no one was looking.

American, 1930-2010, Chicago, Illinois