Robert Overby, ‘Oh Annie’, 1975, Andrew Kreps

About Robert Overby

Robert Overby, an active figure in the emergence of Process Art, Post-Minimalism, and the Anti-Form Movement, is remembered best as a painter even though he worked in multiple mediums. He is known for two very different bodies of work: the first, his representational paintings, sometimes drawing on imagery from classical masterpieces, or women pictured in fashion catalogues and pornography; Overby’s painting style was deeply influenced by his earlier career as a commercially successful graphic designer. The second and perhaps more famous body of work comprises latex casts of architectural structures—explorations of decay and imperfection. Overby also self-published a book titled Red Book: 336 to 1 (1974) meticulously detailing every work he produced between 1969 and 1973.

American, 1935-1993, Harvey, Illinois, based in Los Angeles, California