Robert Polidori, ‘Interrupted Highway, Gabbari, Alexandria, Egypt’, 1999, Phillips

Signature: Signed in ink on a label affixed to the reverse of the flush-mount.

Metropolis Books, Robert Polidori's Metropolis, pp. 74-75
Steidl, Points Between…Up Till Now, p. 233, there titled Archaeological dig, Gabbari District, Alexandria, Egypt

Pace/MacGill Gallery, New York, 2003

About Robert Polidori

Capturing the specific details of constructed and natural environments, Robert Polidori’s photographs trace the range of human psychology and activity through different spaces. Polidori has captured several facets of human experience, from the excesses of Versailles to the turmoil and tragedy of post-Katrina New Orleans. With each image, he eschews nostalgia and judgment, allowing the sharply focused details of the photograph to communicate particular elements of the subject’s psychology and history. Explaining his interest in interiors and architecture, Polidori has said, “Besides the obvious sheltering from the extremes of the elements, people make rooms to live in as if they are animated by an unconscious desire to return to a prenatal life, or even before that, to a soul life. This is what they exteriorize in rooms, their internal soul life, or less magically put, their personal values, if you will.”

Canadian, b. 1951, Montreal, Canada, based in New York, New York

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