Robert Proch, ‘Things you didn´t tell me’, 2018, KIRK Gallery

Robert Proch (b. 1986) is a painter, muralist and animator who lives and works in Poznan, Poland. He was educated at the Akademy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland.
He is already wildly popular, despite his young age graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan at the age of 25. In fact during his study, he had major exhibitions in both Europe and the United States.This is because Robert already has his own unique picturesque language which represents numerous stylistic expressions.

Proch's style is inspired by state-of-the-art animation as much as classic caricature, and impressionism as much as modernist graffiti. The mini-narratives he paints examine the modern human condition using vivid colours and tangible emotions. Sentimentality, ambition, fear, loss, hubris, greed and friendship play their roles in snapshot dramas set in coffee shops and shopping malls; or during pregnancies and suicides.
His works are dynamically and presents an emotional reality that remains pleasing and easy to identify.

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