Robert Smit, ‘brooch Bello's sister evening dressed’, 1941, Caroline Van Hoek

One of the last two works from the fantastic series about Bello, his mothers dog. This work has a fabulous color range as testifies the title chosen by the artist "evening dress". The upper part is the wearable brooch, the lower part is detachable.

About Robert Smit

One of the leading goldsmiths of his day, Dutch artist Robert Smit took an approach that blurred the boundaries of the discipline of traditional jewelry making with architecture, painting, and sculpture. Defined by vivid color, orthogonal lines, and vibrant gold, Smit created graphic designs, translating the two-dimensional into three-dimensions in works that oftentimes echoed the playful and poetic paintings of modernist artists of the day.

Dutch, 1927-2010