Robert Swedroe, ‘Cyberzine’, 2012, Contessa Gallery

About Robert Swedroe

Acclaimed as an architect as well as an artist, Robert Swedroe is known for his mastery of structure, form, and balance. In his collages and assemblages, this translates into proportionate and disciplined mixed-media works made from cut paper, shreds of fabric, semi-precious stones, metal samples, and glass objects. The influence of Cubism on his work is evident through works such as Memories of Picasso (2011), an homage to the artist. While some colorful works, such as Boys in the Band, a spirited hodgepodge of music-related imagery, convey intricate narrative scenes, others such as Cyberblue (2011) are characterized by a monochromatic geometric style that references astronomy and technology. His most recent works hover between two- and three-dimensionality, incorporating computer-generated imagery.

American, b. 1934, Bronx, New York