Roberto Pugliese, ‘Echi liquidi’, 2013, Mazzoli

The author has designed a site specific project for Treviso influenced by the deep relationship that links the city to its rivers .The large installation that makes up the exhibition is the result of a process that aims to capture the energies released by the currents of the river and turn them into audio signals unfold from the sculptures on display. Along the Sile river, the artist has mounted some special underwater microphones (the hydrophones) to record the sounds produced by the varied flow of current. The pulses registered are sent in real time by Internet to a computer in the exhibition space where a software programmed by the author turn them into sounds using a audio synthesis . This process take a physical part in the completed installation and the work sounds thanks to the particular speaker inserted within thirty plastic balls suspended in the air. The ball are filled with water , to want to re- draw the primordial element that has inspired the work , and at the same time to affect the emission of sounds into the liquid. The connection between the interior and exterior of the building makes the work continuously different thanks to the " mood " products from the river with its constant changes . Each micro variation current changes the sound aspect of the sculpture, always creating new suggestions in the visitor . The work has a great communicative power makes one fee the viewer suggestions that are a perfect synthesis of the natural and technological forms with which manifests itself by harmonizing these aspects only apparently dichotomous. The spherical shapes that embody the work are placed at different heights ,inviting the viewer to empathize with them, to " immerse " totally in the work within get an experience visual, aural and emotional. (Carlo Sala, 2013)

About Roberto Pugliese

Italian, b. 1982, Naples, Italy, based in Bologna, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy

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