Roberto Pugliese, ‘Fluide propagazioni alchemiche’, 2014, Mazzoli

In a room there are some different chemical glass ampoules. The ampoules are filled with liquids of different nature and colors. Within each liquid there is a waterproof speaker. The played audio is digitally processed mixed with synthetic sounds, both organized in a composition. The composition is realized by exploiting the different sound propagation relative to the liquid in the whole of each ampoule and according to the wavelength ( frequency ) of the color inside the ampoule. The perceived timbre effect is therefore dictated by the different "composition" of the fluids which have the function of sound filters. A kind of alchemical composition, dialogue between contemporary composition and physical principles.

About Roberto Pugliese

Italian, b. 1982, Naples, Italy, based in Bologna, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy

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