Robin Kranitzky & Kim Overstreet, ‘Mid-Century Modern Brooch ’, 2014, Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery

About Robin Kranitzky & Kim Overstreet

Robin Kranitzky and Kim Overstreet began collaborating in 1985, after discovering their mutual interest in making jewelry from repurposed materials. They called their venture, “Lost & Found,” under which name they made elaborate brooches with miniature narrative vignettes. They describe the materials for these projects as “anything we could find,” which has included antiques, hardware, broken watches and jewelry, cheap toys, and miscellany found in junk shops and yard sales. When asked about their influences, Kranitzky and Overstreet cite 18th-century jewelry, religious reliquaries, and royal vestments. Their practice now includes the production of larger, wall-mounted works. Kranitzky has a background in ceramics, while Overstreet was trained in graphic design.

American, 1955 and 1956, Virginia, based in Richmond, Virginia

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