Robin Layton, ‘Mandarin #1’, 2015, Winston Wächter Fine Art

Robin Layton’s photographs have the quiet ability to capture life; the universal places and moments often passed over. Her series have focused on the crashing of waves, the solitude of coastal and country landscapes and the familiarity of the basketball hoop. Layton masterfully forces the viewer to press pause and take breath. During her 25 years as a photojournalist, Robin Layton has produced countless notable photographs and earned a place among the world’s top photographers. By age 24, she was honored by LIFE magazine as one of the top eight most talented photographers in America. Among her numerous awards as a photojournalist, Layton is also a Pulitzer Prize nominee and Nikon Ambassador.

About Robin Layton

With her keen and sensitive eye, Robin Layton rose to early success as a photojournalist. Although her background in the field attracts her to places and events with concrete significance, she has an ability to convey the less tangible sensations and feelings embedded in place. Her work captures scenes as varied as urban life in Paris and nature in the Pacific Northwest. Layton often creates blurs in her photographs, obscuring strong lines and details in favor of hazy light that reveals something subtler about a scene. “One of my favorite things to do is to shoot nature, but not in your normal, static way. I like to capture the energy of nature; kind of stay out of its way and let it present itself to me,” she has said.

American, b. 1963, Richmond, Virginia, based in Seattle, Washington