Robin Rhode, ‘Restless Mind Hand Signed’, The Skateroom
Robin Rhode, ‘Restless Mind Hand Signed’, The Skateroom
Robin Rhode, ‘Restless Mind Hand Signed’, The Skateroom

We teamed up with South African artist Robin Rhode, to produce a limited edition of five of his iconic artworks onto skateboards.

This is a limited run of 100 per visual, with the first 15 boards hand signed by the artist.
Robin Rhode has designed a skateboard exclusively for Skateistan. We produced 300 of these to cover Skateistan’s yearly worldwide needs in skateboards for their facilities in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa.

Some of these will be hand signed by the artist and auctioned to raise money and awareness for Skateistan’s skate school in Johannesburg.
Robin Rhode is famed for creating artwork that is informed and formed by urbanism, the city, the streets and its inhabitants. Rhode’s first Skateroom collection is inspired by a number of his outdoor wall artworks created over the past few years. Many of these pieces relate specifically to urban culture – incorporating aspects of modern music or dance. Rhode’s influences also extend beyond this, ranging from his Cape Town upbringing to the cultural act of storytelling within South Africa. Rhode’s collection comprises of five decks, each taking influence from different elements.

Signature: Hand signed Hand numbered

Manufacturer: The Skateroom

Shapes and geometry play a part in ‘Restless Mind’, influenced by Projective Geometry, a piece of work by French mathematician and engineer Jean-Victor Poncelet. This photographic artwork was originally created in a Johannesburg backyard and Rhode has evolved the piece for this deck.

About Robin Rhode

Working primarily in the streets of Johannesburg, Robin Rhode uses walls and sidewalks as the stage for his exuberant, narrative interventions and performances. Captured in serial photographs and stop-motion videos, Rhode’s work explores urban youth culture, socioeconomic inequality, and outgrowths of post-Colonialism. By creating absurd, impossible situations, like drawing a bicycle on a wall and attempting to ride it, Rhode references slapstick comedy and minstrel shows, expressing the struggle for equality and dignity with poignancy, humor, and poeticism.

South African, b. 1976, Cape Town, South Africa, based in Berlin, Germany