Rockwell Kent, ‘[The Lookout, Related Studies]’, ca. 1930, Childs Gallery

Estate stamp lower left. Watermark center is "WARREN OLDE STYLE". In fine condition. From the Joseph and Marjorie Relkin Collection.

These sketches are related studies for the wood engraving "The Lookout" (Burne Jones 51), the third in a series of 12 prints used in a national advertising campaign for the American Car and Foundry Company. It ran during the month of September 1930, and was featured in such magazines as "Time" and "Town and Country."

About Rockwell Kent

In Rockwell Kent's multifaceted career as an artist, he explored and excelled at painting, illustration, writing, printmaking, and design, all of which were bound by his enthusiastic wanderlust. Having completed several apprenticeships and studied at multiple schools, including Columbia University, Kent traveled the world in search of inspiration, spending extended periods of time in places as varied as Newfoundland, Ireland, Alaska, Maine, the Soviet Union, and an archipelago off the tip of South America (which he reached by sailboat.) Kent found the barren, rugged nature of these landscapes and climates to inspire his work. He was regarded as a most successful printmaker and contemporary painter of his time, though he later lost popularity for his Communist sympathies. Among many legacies, Kent is remembered his illustration of the literary classic, Moby Dick.

American, 1882-1971, Tarrytown, New York, United States

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