Rodney Graham, ‘Vexation Island’, 1997, Renaissance Society

This etched champagne glass was made in conjunction with Graham’s 1997 work “Vexation Island”, a film about a shipwrecked pirate that debuted at the Venice Biennale that same year. The Vancouver-based conceptualist played the film’s protagonist, the same figure depicted in this piece.

Set of two etched champagne glasses.

The Renaissance Society exhibited Rodney Graham in 1995 when the museum premiered two time-based musical installations entitled "School of Velocity" and

The Renaissance Society

About Rodney Graham

Rodney Graham is associated with the “Vancouver School” of artists’ distinctive, photography-based practices, including Stan Douglas and Jeff Wall. Graham's multimedia works frequently incorporate diverse historical, philosophic, literary, or cinematic allusions and employ circular structures or narratives. In the film trilogy Vexation Island (1999), How I Became a Ramblin' Man (1999), and City Self/Country Self (2001), the artist plays characters like a castaway and a cowboy caught in repetitive cycles of actions and gestures.

Canadian, b. 1949, Vancouver, Canada, based in Vancouver, Canada