Rodrigo Andrade, ‘Untitled 01 from Mato, Onda e Abstrato (Forest, Wave and Abstract)’, 2015, Paragon

Publisher: Paragon

About Rodrigo Andrade

Since he began his artistic career in the 1980s, Rodrigo Andrade has been exploring the material and expressive possibilities of painting while simultaneously producing etchings, installations, and works in bronze based upon his painted compositions. His early, large-scale works were inspired by German Neo-Expressionism, while his later ones encompass monochromatic abstractions, land- and seascapes, and interior, street, and still-life scenes. In 2009, he branched into photorealism, painting from photographs he takes himself or images he culls from the media. Among his wide-ranging body of work is a series of richly colored, small-scale monochromatic compositions that initially appear to be canvases covered with a thick coating of pigment but are in fact made of bronze. Andrade has also presented a suite of moody seascapes; rendered in unnatural colors like orange and yellow, they occupy a space between representation and abstraction.

Brazilian, b. 1962, São Paulo, Brazil, based in São Paulo, Brazil