Rodrigo Zeferino, ‘Sem título (da serie Noite Cega) | Untitled (from the series Bling Night)’, 2011, Zipper Galeria

About Rodrigo Zeferino

The subject of Rodrigo Zeferino’s photography may be the mundane activities of daily life, but the artist uses his medium to capture uncommon angles or register scenes that would not be visible to the naked human eye. Some of his best-known works are made using long exposures to capture the movement of clouds, light rays, starlight, and light pollution in Brazil’s industrial cities and steel mining towns. He is also known for a series of humorous self-portraits, in which a camera and a tripod photograph their own reflection in a mirror set up in ordinary spaces—parking lots, city streets, lake sides—in the absence of the photographer himself.

Brazilian, b. 1979, Ipatinga, Brazil, based in Ipatinga, Brazil