Roger Capron, ‘Shogun Coffee Table’, ca. 1960, Maison Gerard
Roger Capron, ‘Shogun Coffee Table’, ca. 1960, Maison Gerard

Signature: Signed: R. Capron

See Roger Capron Céramiste by Pierre Staudenmeyer, Éditions Norma, Paris, 2003, p. 106 for the illustration of a similar table

About Roger Capron

Roger Capron worked in a variety of ceramic styles between the 1960s and 1980s, earning a reputation as one of the leading ceramicists of his era. Capron moved to the storied pottery town of Vallauris, France, in 1946, where he established his studio and interacted with Picasso, who arrived a year later to develop his own ceramics. A pioneer of the “formes libres” movement in the 1940s, Capron created work characterized by undulating forms that evoke a sense of play with their bright colors and lighthearted touches. In later years, he veered closer to mid-century modernism, creating colorful tiled tables in sleek, simple, and functional forms inspired by Scandinavian design of the 1950s and 1960s.

French, 1922-2006, Vincennes, France, based in Vallauris, France