Roger Rossell, ‘EBD-Consecration2’, 2018, Projekteria [Art Gallery]

Gum bichromate is a 19th-century, multi-layered printing process that allows extensive physical manipulation of the image by the photographer, sometimes resulting in an image which looks more like a drawing or watercolor painting than a photograph. Because of its pigment, paper, and brush roots, gum bichromate is one of the few photographic processes capable of achieving that wonderful element of gesture. There are so many factors influencing the final result, that each printing is considered unique.

Series: El bon dolor

Signature: This artwork is a unique gum bichromate print numbered and signed by the author and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by the gallery with the express consent of the author.

About Roger Rossell

Spanish, b. 1977, Spain, based in Barcelona, Spain

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