Rohini Devasher, ‘Chimera II’, 2008, Nature Morte

About Rohini Devasher

Situated between the empirical and the imagined, Rohini Devasher’s elegant videos, prints, drawings, and sculptures are full of invented, constructed biological forms that reflect her fascination with scientific exploration and representations of the natural world. Using the light produced by video feedback, for example, Devasher has crafted images of the metamorphosis of dragonflies, and of trees illuminated against a pitch-black background. In her large-scale, mixed-media works on paper, she presents microbes or chrysalises in intricate, delicate detail. Devasher’s attention to detail and her naturalistic rendering make her forms look almost (but not quite) real, reflective of the deep connection between science and art.

Indian, b. 1978, Delhi, India, based in New Delhi, India