Rolf Sachs, ‘18.03.2013 - 15:20:42 ’, 2013, ammann//gallery

print dimensions: w 59 x h 39 cm

Series: Camera in Motion, 2013

Image rights: © Rolf Sachs, courtesy ammann//gallery

About Rolf Sachs

Conceptual artist Rolf Sachs opened Function, his London studio, in 1994. His work is cross-disciplinary: lighting projects, opera set design, ballet photography—almost nothing is off-limits to Sachs. His favorite materials are natural ones (wood and felt), but his pieces are not quaint—a series of lamps, for instance, looks like sinister lab equipment. Shunning ornamentation in favor of conceptual design, Sachs’s spare works often derive their humor as much from their titles as their appearance, like “Sisyphus,” a nonfunctional garden spade punched through with a large hole.

Swiss, b. 1955, Lausanne, Switzerland, based in London, United Kingdom

Group Shows

Cologne, Germany,
'Between All Chairs'
Cologne, Germany,
'Summer Exhibition'
Cologne, Germany,
'One And Many Chairs'
Cologne, Germany,
'Tutti Designers'
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