Roman Ondak, ‘Planet I’, 2016, Galerie Martin Janda

About Roman Ondak

Roman Ondák’s videos, installations, and objects invite viewers to question their relationships to the artworks, as well as to the sites in which they are displayed. In his 2011 film Stampede, Ondák used night vision to film hundreds of people crowd into and exit a gallery’s rooms. The film was projected into the same room it displayed onscreen, implicating viewers in the film’s workings and mimicking the spectators on film as they quietly observed the nonevent. The film also speaks to Ondák’s subtle and recurring meditation on his Soviet upbringing, which sometimes takes the form of staged events that invoke the crowding and queuing often seen during that era, translating the phenomena to contexts in which they can take on new meanings.

Slovakian, b. 1966, Zilina, Slovakia

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