RÖMER + RÖMER, ‘Security’, 2016, Galerie Michael Schultz


Husband and wife Torsten (b.1968) and Nina Römer (b. 1978), who go by Römer + Römer, have been collaborating on paintings, performances, and group and curatorial projects since 1998. They met at the Düsseldorf Arts Academy, where they both studied painting. To create their paintings, they begin out and about on the streets of their home city, Berlin, or of one of the many places they have traveled, including Tokyo and São Paulo, where they take thousands of photographs with a digital camera. They then cull through the pictures, choosing a handful to transform into their immersive, often large-scale compositions. Harkening back to Pointillism, and resembling the pixelated digital images familiar today, their works are rendered with countless individual dots. “We start with a photographic template. Our aim is to depict a multimedia world, from photography to film to the Internet,” Nina Römer explains.

German/Russian, 1968 und 1978, Aachen, Germany and Moscow, russia, based in Berlin, Germany